why we exist

Development Consortium is a not for profit organisation registered under Societies Act 1860 in the year 2006. It is an organization of like-minded people who, over the last decade, have been committed to inclusive development and advocacy with a key focus on overcoming poverty, inequility, abouse and injustice among children, women and other vulnerable communities. Some of the core work areas are education, health, skill development, women empowerment and uplifting the talent in sports for the marginalized.


Our Vision

DC aims to create an environment of sustained and inclusive development and advocacy with a key focus on health, education, overcoming poverty, inequality, abouse and injustice among marginalized and vulnerable communities and work with children, women and men across all sections of the society.

The Mission

We help communities chart their own path toward sustainable development based on their unique needs and circumstances.

We support vulnerable communities through health, education, mobilization, and increasing access to education, training and essential services.

Core Values

Our values are at the core of our work, policies, strategies and in our relationships with each other, our partners and stakeholders.

Development Consortium's
Impact & Reach

Key Personnel

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